A practical guide that starts from who you are.
To help you achieve the objectives that really matter to you.

Where do you want to start?

The CORE² method was created to support people, teams and organizations in understanding their work ecosystem, and focusing on where, how and with whom to work, with the aim of achieving their most desired results.

A powerful guide entailing dialogue, tools, techniques and dynamics that define a clear and nourishing path, rich in feedback. A path that creates a new knowledge, a new way of being and acting.

Become a Facilitator of the CORE² method


Are you a professional who supports people in their personal and professional growthevolution and would like to integrate the CORE² method in your practice? 

Choose the Mastery Trail on the CORE² method:

  • Practical and experiential Training.

  • Access to a community of practice.

  • 4 stand alone stages: Trained Practitioner, Trained Facilitator, Master Facilitator, Master Trainer.

  • Learning modules delivered in a blended online and in person mode.

You choose when and where to stop, depending on your goals. 

Whom is it for?

  • HR Managers who want to learn a new approach to talent development, consistent with the challenges of complexity.
  • People who lead teams and/or organizations and want to acquire a new lens  to enable their people to enter into a positive growth spiral.
  • Life and Business coaches who desire to enlarge their “toolbox” with a framework and concrete tools to support life and career evolution. 
  • LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Facilitators who want to explore how to use the method within a systemic framework for development of potential.

Start an individual path with the CORE²


Do you perceive that there is a rift between who you are and the work you are doing, or the kind of life you are living, but you are not sure how to change it or how to recognize which direction is the right one for you? 

Choose the CORE² program for individuals:

  • The support of an experienced facilitator in the method.
  • 10 workshops, with an important milestone set in the fifth meeting.
  • Personalized pace of the meetings according to your objectives. 
  • Iterative cycles: the main benefit is achieved by completing  the whole path, but you can stop whenever you want. Each workshop is designed to be meaningful and valuable even by itself.

Whom is it for?

The individual path benefits those who:

  • Are looking for an effective orientation for their career and studies.
  • Are longing for a job or professional path change.
  • Perceive they are not using their full potential and are looking for a guide to facilitate that extra step that they are struggling to find by themselves.
  • Want to find a better trajectory for their business.
  • Want to build their professionalism around the concept of “value generation” and attract what they need to grow exponentially.

Bring the CORE² method into your Organization


Are you an HR manager, entrepreneur or a decision-maker looking for a systemic approach to talent development and people growth, coherent with the current challenges?

Find out how to apply the CORE² method in your context. 

  • Accompany the people working with you to fully express their aspirations, competencies, experiences, ideas.
  • Clear action focuses and key indicators integrated with real needs of the context and connected to specific objectives to achieve.
  • Tangible results: people start interpreting their work in a radically different way, nourished by a clear perception of their scope and tangible resilience, adaptability, proactivity and personal leadership.  
  • A method that works simultaneously for the individual growth and the growth of the whole organization.

Whom is it for?

The method applied within the organization offers benefits in particular to:

  • People who are or will be in leadership roles, to enhance their ability to lead and mobilize their own and others’ energy and make a clearer vision of the future and the impact they want to achieve.
  • High-potential collaborators, to identify in which direction and how  to express their potential within the work ecosystem.
  • New hires, to quickly and effectively find their trajectory within the organization.
  • Teams who want to generate cohesion, alignment and the creation of a common culture, both for the achievement of specific objectives and during phases of organizational change.

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